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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When you check in you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Arrival and Departure: Please check in at the Holiday Park Office when you arrive. Check in is from 12 noon for sites, cabins and on-site caravans 2pm. Check out time is prior to 10am on the day of departure. No late check ins after 10pm.

Duration of stay: If, following your arrival, you wish to extend your stay, please check with the Holiday Park Office to see if your request can be accommodated. The maximum duration of stay permitted at the Holiday Park is 50 consecutive days.

Accounts: The account balance is payable on arrival. There is no refund for early departure. Any changes (with the exception of cancellations) to reservations made for the period between 31 October and 6th February will incur a $50 fee. Cancellations may result in the loss of your deposit as detailed below.

Deposits: Your reservation is confirmed on receipt of your deposit. Payment of a deposit will reserve a site for 24hrs from the proposed arrival date. Your site will be re-let by 12 noon the following day unless notification is received. Any cancellation of a reservation or any portion of, will result in loss of deposit unless 42 days notice is given in which case refund is 50% of deposit. Deposits will not be carried over to future seasons.

Security Access Fobs: When checking in to the Holiday Park, you will be issued with a security fob(s) that will provide access to the amenity blocks and to the Holiday Park entry gate. Should the fob(s) be lost or unable to be produced upon departure you will be charged $10 per fob. Please note that, if you locate the fob(s) after departure, you will be unable to receive a refund of the $10 per fob. The security fobs will remain activated for the duration of your stay at the Holiday Park and are not to be used to allow any unauthorised persons into the Holiday Park.

Conduct and Behavior: Complete quietness between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. Reasonable behavior and dress at all times. Campers 18 years and over may consume alcohol on their own site only. Alcohol will not be tolerated around the grounds or in communal buildings. No excessive drinking or parties. The manager will cancel occupancy if behavior or activities occur that are incompatible to the effective running of the Holiday Park. Please consider your fellow campers at all times.

Right to refuse entry: The Holiday Park reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse entry to any person or ask any person to leave the Holiday Park for any reason whatsoever.

Visitors: All day visitors must check into reception. Visitor vehicles are not permitted in the grounds during peak season. Day visitors must leave by 10:00pm. All visitors must observe the Holiday Park rules and the site holder is responsible for the actions of their visitors.

Youth Policy: Any persons staying at the Holiday Park aged 17 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 21 years of age, or a parent.

Sites: Awning and tent ropes are not to be connected to trees, hedges or fences and must be connected within the marked boundaries of the site. Drawbars must face the roadway to enable rapid relocation in an emergency. This includes motor movers. Campers must provide own waste container.

Amenity Blocks: Your security fob will allow access to the kitchen and bathroom amenities. Please leave clean and tidy after use.

Showers: Push button to operate and repeat after 30 seconds.

Refrigerators and Freezers: Are provided in the kitchens - please name all your food and remove it on departure.

Barbecues: Portable gas barbecues are permitted. Holiday Park barbecues are available adjacent to the Ocean and Harbour kitchens. Please leave clean and tidy after use.

Laundry: Coin operated ($6.00) washing machines and dryers are available. Washing powder is available at reception ($2.00).

Lost Property: Will be held at reception and donated to charity after a 3 month period.

Property Damage and Theft: The Holiday Park owner shall not be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any property for any reason, regardless of the cause, including any fault pertaining to any fitting, appliance or piece of apparatus within the vicinity of the Holiday Park. Please ensure valuables are secure and all vehicles and doors are locked.

Rubbish: We actively encourage recycling. Recycle bins are provided for your use. Please help by using the bins provided correctly. All food waste must be wrapped and placed in the appropriate rubbish bins. Boxes are to be dismantled before being placed in recycle bins.

Dump Stations: Are provided next to amenity blocks. Chemical toilet waste is not to be emptied on the ground or in the bathrooms. Porta-Paks are available from reception.

Fish Cleaning Station: Adjacent to the Harbour amenity block. Please leave clean and tidy after use. Do not use the kitchens for cleaning fish. All fish waste must be wrapped before being placed in rubbish bins.

Speed Limit: The speed limit is 5kph at all times for all vehicles, scooters and bicycles.

Vehicles: One vehicle only per site. Trailers must be parked in the trailer park.

Boats: No provision is made for the storage of boats or boat trailers during peak season.

Emergencies: In the event of an emergency a continuous blast on an air horn will be sounded. Please assemble at the closest assembly point (either the hot pools car park or in front of the surf club).

Electricity: All caravans must have a current electrical Warrant of Fitness displayed at all times. Caravans without a warrant must not be connected to the power boxes. Tents may be connected to power boxes with approved RCD leads. Vans left unoccupied on a site must disconnect power leads.

Fire Safety: Tents, caravans, gazebo’s and other accommodation facilities are not allowed to encroach into the marked firebreak areas, guide ropes excluded. Site holders must familiarise themselves with, and comply with, the Evacuation Plan for the Holiday Park.

Fires and Fireworks: No fireworks permitted in the Holiday Park. Open fires are strictly prohibited within the park or on the beach.

Skateboards: Are not permitted in the Holiday Park.

Smoking: No smoking in communal areas and buildings.

Animals: Are not permitted in the Holiday Park.

Water: No water fights in any form (i.e. bombs, pistols, etc).

Mail: Is available from reception. Please ensure this is cleared.

Refunds: No refunds due to changed circumstances.

Children: Parents, for safety please supervise your children and keep them away from the driveway.

First Aid: Trained first aid staff and first aid assistance are available at the office.

Accommodation: No cooking allowed in Cabins & onsite caravans. Cabins & Onsite Caravans maybe relocated without notice.

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